“The potential I see in flowers keeps me thinking about new ways to display them.”

Photo by @CharlesDPhoto.


There’s always a story…

My first job was at a local supermarket that, conveniently, had a hardy florist department and was looking to train a new associate. After one week I was captivated by the colors of every flower petal and fascinated by finding something new on our plant display. I learned about basic floral care and design while assisting my manager on the weddings we did. I kept that job for seven years; working through the awkward days of a vocational high school and on my semester breaks while attending art school. The summer after I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design I also completed my first “solo” wedding for my best friend. I then set out to merge my love of flowers and design so they may exist in one space. And thus, Liz Likes Flowers began.